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5 Ways to Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation in 2019

By reputationsavvy -

Reputation Savvy

When it comes to business, you’re totally as great as your reputation. Certainly, your reputation is your trademark. It is the thing your logo honors; it is the mucilage in customer’s brand integrity. In a word, reputation is everything. Yet it’s not completely under your authority or control, that doesn’t imply that you are incompetent as a sufferer of spurious prosecutions, ratings, or wrongful assaults on your company’s appearance, though. So here are some of the ways of Online Reputation Management which can help you manage your company’s online reputation when things go wrong despite your best attempts.

Keep your company’s website up to date

Your company’s website is the primary place where peoples often visit while searching for your business. So make sure you make an influential impact. Work on the basics such as landing page, contact information, and service or product offerings.

A bio page is an immeasurable area to begin. People desire to work with an organization that isn’t scared to show off its crew. Drafting influential bios for your operators is an excellent technique to interject the people developing your company while also refining your brand. A powerful bio involves the person’s name, occupation, a field of expertise and former practices. Ultimately, provide space for hobbies and interests, which gives customers a fuller knowledge of you, your representatives and by addition, your corporation. By retaining your website up to date and implementing a comprehensive bio page, you can repair your online reputation and internet reputation.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

There are numerous things one can practice to build an emphatic online image. Your aim should be to populate the topmost 20 of Google with emphatic content regarding your company, which in deed may accommodate to keep negative content out. Plan to write blogs to cover more specific topics. Here are some of the recommendations that one can try.

• Enroll your social media biographies on the best social media websites, and remain engaged on these platforms.

• YouTube videos frequently rank well for brand names. You can design an expert video for less than $1,000, or an even more profound budget video applying your smartphone. Also, you can keep a freelancer to do a slide show type of video regarding your company.

• Develop mini-sites or blogs with subdomain blog platforms, such as or Make sure your brand name emerges as part of the subdomain.

Answer and Interact

When people post comments on your website, blog, or social profiles attempt to answer as immediately as you can and in an assertive, respectful manner. This is particularly essential if someone posts a negative comment. It’s undeniable that people will see these comments, so write your answer as much for the writer as for another reader. Doing so will help build your company as the kind that bothers concerning its patrons and desires to serve them.

Conduct a simple Google search

Looking up yourself on Google is the most manageable move you can instantly make to safeguard your reputation and you require to do it frequently once in a month. If one of the search results is harming your reputation management firm, communicate the website immediately to have the content removed. You can ordinarily contact the appropriate people by clicking on their privacy or contact page. While there is no guarantee that the website will remove the content, but you must still at least try.

If your luck of getting the negative content removed does not works, then create fresh content that will be destined to rank high on Google search results. One can share articles or blogs on Google’s blogging platform and Google+, create an SEO friendly Linked In profile, etc.

Web 2.0

Websites such as,, Squidoo, etc. rank prominently in the search engines. Nevertheless, even though is essentially a guarantee to rank on the initial page for a business name, its content will be user-generated and neutral. If your business has had some negative publicity in the past, it may be most satisfying to evade Wikipedia, which doesn’t offer control of its content.

Anyone, with a short time and effort, can build a trustworthy online presence. But despite its professional importance, many don’t bother. The big issue that with most people is they’re just too lazy to go out there and put in the effort to actually create a positive brand. If you’re the exception, that’s your contentious advantage. So these were some of the ways that can help you in your online reputation management. If you find this information informative do share it with others. And do not forget to comment your queries or questions in the comment section below.

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